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If you are a graduate or undergraduate looking to experience real business, Packard offers internships that allow you to see for yourself what the HVACR industry is all about.

Current Job Openings

Job opening- Purchaser Inventory Investor Analyst

Mar 10, 2021, 06:56 AM by Lila Langford


The Packard Purchasing team is expanding again to meet the growth of the company, product offering and industry needs. Packard is seeking a driven and detail-oriented Inventory Investor to be responsible for selecting and investing in quality products to fulfill the needs of our customers. Autonomy as a buyer is critical in this role as you will research and create the deals to buy products for Packard’s distribution channels.  This team is responsible for managing the company’s inventory assets, thus leading to significant contribution to our bottom line. Responsibilities will include analyzing stock levels and inventory needs, investing in inventory, negotiating with suppliers, tracking orders, creating and maintaining inventory stock levels across all locations, quality assurance and liaising with inventory, sales, product development and customer service teams and management.  The Inventory Investor will report to the Vice President, Asset management and will work with staff across departments to forecast the needs of the business and make investment decisions based on changing demand.


The Inventory Investor’s portfolio will include a unique balance of millions of dollars of inventory and managing the portfolio enables Packard to deliver industry leading service levels with a significant return to the stakeholders. The Investor should be analytically minded and possess excellent negotiating skills in order to secure the best prices/terms according to budget.  Knowledge of sales and marketing principles is advantageous.  


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How to Apply:

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As a recognized leader in the HVAC/R industry, our opportunities attract the very best experienced professionals.  We invite you to follow the application process tips outlined below. Our applicant pool continues to grow each year – unfortunately, this means we cannot reach out to every candidate.  If the fit is right, we will be in contact with you.

Application Process Tips

  • Identify the opportunity that fits your profile
    • View open positions
    • Check out the requirements
    • Identify the role that fits best with your previous experience, strengths, & capabilities 
  • Determine what the job requires
    • Note the key responsibilities and technical or functional competencies
    • Review location
  • Conduct a self assessment
    • Do a critical analysis on your strengths and opportunity areas in order to compare them against the job description
    • Defining what you have: your competencies & style
  • Are we right for you?
    • Learn more about our culture: mission vision & values and compare with your needs and values
    • Identify why you want to work for Packard, that way we can both find out if Packard is right for you
  • Now you are ready to decide to:
    • Apply: we highly suggest you apply to the job which most appropriately matches your qualifications

Resume Tips

  • Size: No more than one page
  • Selling message where you describe briefly what you are looking for (include areas of interest) & what you offer (include years of expertise, strengths, etc.)
  • Background:
    • List formal education (dates & degree)
    • Labor experience: Company, position, period of time, functions, accomplishments
    • Proficient technical skills and mastered competencies
    • Strengths or developed skills
    • Languages

Interview Tips

  • Be yourself: Acknowledge your passion, aptitudes, experience and accomplishments; identify  your strengths & identify how you can leverage your personal brand to be successful at Packard.
  • Explore our business, performance & way of working: Research our company thoroughly doing your homework to find  out all you can about the company and/or the position
  • Be prepared:
    • Understand the requirements of the position you are seeking, and closely examine how your skills and abilities support that position
    • Then think of specific experiences you have had that are relevant to the position’s requirement