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This is why we have dedicated a section of our site for contractors and wholesalers. In this section, you will find helpful product tips, tools and some clips from our training classes. We’ve also provided a distributor locator so you can find the nearest wholesaler who can give you access to Packard products.

I've purchased an ECM replacement for a 16-Watt shaded pole condenser fan motor. The ECM replacement is rated 4-25 Watt. The replacement has a plug on the cord, but it does no provide any instructions as to how to connect it for 16 Watts. How do I connect it for 16 Watts?

Just plug it in! There is no need to make any electrical changes, move dipswitches, select colored leads, or other actions. It's ready to go as is. 

The ECM motor that you have is a constant speed design. You've not mentioned whether your replacement is a single speed or a two speed. Let's assume it is a single speed, probably rated 1550 RPM. When you install the ECM with the load attached (fan blade) into the system, the microprocessor in the controls of the motor will sense the load on the motor, and as long as the load is no less than 4 Watts or greater than 25 Watts, the motor will provide the proper torque to turn the motor shaft at 1550 RPM. 

Not only does this technology provide a much more efficient motor, 30% efficiency for a shaded pole compared to 65+% efficiency for the ECM, resulting in energy savings, but it also reduces the number of motors that a technician may need to carry on the truck or in the shop to service a job. The performance of the refrigeration system will also be more consistent as there are changes in the load on the motor that could result from dirty coils and fan blades. 

Not only will a motor now cover a variety of Watt ranges, but some of the ECM's are reversible and multiple voltage. 

So instead of having to carry a 4, 5, 6, 9, 16, 25 Watt and anything in between, in both 120 and 208-240 Volts, in clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, one ECM can replace them all. In addition, they are very easy to install. Plus, they save energy costs. 

Some of these same benefits are seen with larger motors used in refrigeration, heating, and air conditioning as well. 

EC Motors will not only save energy costs, improve operating performance of our systems, and provide an increase in comfort, but the selection process and the inventory of motors will be simplified for the technician.