General FAQ

Q: Does Packard sell to contractors or home owners?

A: No, Packard is a master distributor, supplying directly to the wholesaler. We are unable to sell directly to contractors or home owners. To find a distributor in your area please visit our Distributor Locator.

Q: What is the warranty on your products?
A: Packard stands behind our products. Please download our warranty policy.

Q: Can I use a 60HZ motor to replace a 50HZ motor?
A: No

Q: I’m having a problem with your website. Who do I contact?
A: helpdesk@packardonline.com

Q: Do you buy surplus inventory?
A: We are not accepting surplus inventory at this time.

FAQ for Distributors

Q: How do I set up an account with Packard?
A: If you are a contractor or end-user, please visit our distributor locator to find a Packard distributor in your area (we can only sell to distributors). If you are a distributor or OEM, please click here to download a Credit Application, or give customer service a call at 800-334-1769 or email customerservice@packardonline.com to request a credit application. A sales tax exemption certificate is required to be submitted with the credit application.

Q: Does Packard accept credit cards?
A: At this time, distributors must have a pre-approved account set up with Packard in order to make purchases.

Q: Does Packard sell internationally?
A: Packard sells to distributors in the US, Canada and Mexico. Please see our Distributor Locator to locate distributors for these and other International Locations.

Q: How can I make purchases from Packard?
A: Packard offers several choices for you to do business with us. We are here to make it easy for you! If you are a distributor with an established account you may place an order by:

- speaking to a customer service assistant at: 800.334.1769, Monday- Friday 8am- 5pm EST.
- fax: 770 - 427 - 5140
- sending us an email at: customerservice@packardonline.com
- logging in online day or night or by creating a personal account on our website

Q: From where does my order ship?
A: Packard maintains three warehouses from where we send shipments, one in Arizona, one in Georgia and one in Indiana.