"MAP" Program




1. Introduction


Packard Inc, a premier supplier of HVAC/R products and components has been building a brand image synonymous with high quality and performance since 1959.  The Packard brand is recognized, sought out and trusted by contractors, technicians and service professionals.  Packard sells exclusively through authorized HVAC/R wholesalers and distributors (“resellers”) that invest valuable time and resources to deliver products and the level of service our customers expect and deserve. 


It is critically important to maintain, and further strengthen, the Packard brand in the marketplace.  As such, Packard has implemented this Minimum Advertised Price (“MAP”) Program (this “Program”) in partnership with our valued resellers designed to discourage price-based advertising in any form, particularly to the public online, that could erode the Packard brand to the detriment of Packard and our resellers.  The intent of this Program is to create a model where a customer’s desire to purchase Packard products is based on the ability of our wholesale distribution partners to create value and provide exceptional service. 


2. Guidelines


2.1 This program applies to all resellers that sell, promote or advertise Packard MAP products including through e-commerce.


2.2 The products covered in this Program are all Packard branded items (Packard, Titan, EC Max, Vulcan, and TorQstart).  Those products that Packard supports as name branded items will have an associated list price for reference.  Ultimately, the manufacturer/supplier of non-Packard branded products might have their own MAP or List Price guidelines which can/will be communicated to the reseller. 


2.3 This program applies to advertised prices only and is not intended to control, influence, determine, restrict or limit in any way the price at which any reseller may sell MAP products.  Each reseller remains solely responsible for determining its own resale price for all MAP products.


2.4 This program does not establish maximum advertised prices. Packard resellers may advertise prices higher than the established MAP.


2.5 This program applies to all advertisements of Packard products in any and all media, including, but not limited to internet or similar electronic media such as apps or social media, flyers, posters, coupons, mailers, inserts, trade journals, catalogs, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, e-blasts and e-mail solicitations.


2.6 This program does not apply to any in-store advertising or to those segments that require a specific sign-on, such as web portals. Call for price, email for price or add to “shopping cart” are also allowable in this Program.


2.7 Online features such as “click for price”, “bounce-back” pricing emails, automatic price displays prior to being placed in a customer’s “shopping cart” and other items that are initiated by the reseller and not the customer are not allowed under this Program.


2.8 Resellers are not authorized to sell MAP products on 3rd party websites unless approved by Packard in advance. All websites where MAP products are advertised, at any price, must be owned and operated by the reseller. Furthermore, Packard requires resellers to disclose any/all online DBAs and/or web domains.


2.9 Packard will monitor resellers and their advertised prices either directly or by using other tools and methods.  Packard will enforce this Program against any reseller who violates this Program or engages in activity that is designed to circumvent the intent of this Program.


2.10 This Program does not restrict Packard’s rights to manage its distribution channels or make decisions regarding resellers and others with whom it will do business.  Additionally, Packard sales personnel and representatives have no authority to modify or grant exceptions or waivers to this Program. 


2.11 This Program will be reviewed periodically and changes or modifications, if any, will be communicated to all resellers in a timely fashion.