BALL Valve

BALL Valve

Item ID: 009L8067

  • UL and CUL recognized
  • Seal cap with retaining strap
  • Has a pressure rating of 650 psi and is approved for R410A
  • Precision laser welded
  • Rotation stops and position indicator
  • Full flow with minimum pressure drop
  • Panel mounting holes
  • Bi-directional flow - valve orientation is unimportant
  • Slimline design ensures easy opertional handling
  • Burst proof spindle design prevents liquid from being trapped internally
  • Teflon valve seat to secure maximum tightness and a long lifetime
  • Access port with schrader valve reduces cost if service of the system is necessary
Brand Danfoss
Country of Origin CHINA
Increase in Torque (%) 93.51
Max Working Pressure PSIG 650
Max. Test Pressure PSIG 940
ODF Solder (In.) 1 3/8
Mueller AC17866
Parker EBVT-1110
Danfoss 008L8067
Danfoss 009G8067
Alco 806761
Alco BVS-138

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