10 Amp 250 Volt  2 x 9/16 RK5 TD Fuse - 10 pk

10 Amp 250 Volt 2 x 9/16 RK5 TD Fuse - 10 pk

Item ID: FLNR010T

Sold in packs of 10

  • Note: Sold in Packs of 10
  • Optional solid state SmartSpot blown fuse indicator
  • Time-delay for motor start-ups and transformer inrush currents without nuisance opening
  • Current-limiting for low peak let-thru current
  • Rejection-style design prevents replacement errors (when used with recommended fuse blocks)
  • Easy-to-read label for quick brand recognition and replacement
  • Metal-embossed date and catalog number for traceability and lasting identification
  • Fiberglass body provides dimensional stability in harsh industrial settings
  • High-grade silica filler ensures fast arc quenching and high current limitation

    Application: Motor Circuits
    , Mains
    , Feeders
    , Branch Circuits
    , Transformers
    , Service Entrance Equipment
    , General-Purpose Equipment
Fuse Amp Rating 10
Fuse Voltage 250
Amps 10
Brand Littelfuse
Component Description The FLNR/FLSR series of fuses set the standard for general purpose fuses. The dual-element design provides advanced short circuit and overload protection. FLSR series fuses provide excellent protection for all types of circuits especially those containing motors.
Country of Origin MEXICO
UPC 079458150650
Voltage 250V
Mars 81032
Mars 82969
Mersen TR10R
Bussmann ECNR10
Bussmann FRN-R10