Component Controls: RDS120

Sensors & Thermostats

Advanced cloud-connected thermostat for light commercial and residential applications

  • Controls conventional HVAC systems up to 3H/2C and heat pumps up to 4H/2C
  • Easy to read, backlit, auto-dimming 3.5” color LCD touch 
  • Intuitive remote user control using Apple iOS and Android mobile phone applications
  • One-touch green leaf button to maximize energy efficiency 
  • Built-in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) sensor enables ventilation strategies for optimum indoor air quality 
  • Built-in humidity sensor 
  • Built-in occupancy sensor and window / door contact enables smart occupancy control 
  • Full, easy to program user schedule


Damper Actuators

The Siemens GND, GGD Series fire/smoke damper actuators are spring return, 2-position, 15-second actuators designed to operate UL Listed smoke control dampers and combination fire/smoke dampers. The GND Series has 53 in-lb (6 Nm) of torque and the more powerful GGD Series has 142 in-lb (16 Nm) of torque. These actuators have patented built-in electronic fusible links; there is no need to buy/install separate parts to perform that function.


Valves and Actuators

Siemens Flowrite series designed to work with either a pneumatic or electronic actuator with a 3/4 inch (20mm) stroke. They are available in ANSI class for normally open or normally closed. The valves are recommended for water, low and high-pressure steam and glycol solutions up tp 50 percent.


Pneumatic Controls

The Siemens 265-1xxx Series products are general purpose electrically operated, two-position 3-way valves designed to control airflow. The 265 Two-Position, 3-Way EP Valve is designed to control airflow and can be used for interlock between an electrical system and a pneumatic control system. The 265-1001 thru 265-1006 all come with a junction box in a wide variety of voltages. The 265-1007 and 265-1008 are open style with the -1007 being 24VAC and the -1008 being 120VAC.


Variable Frequency Drives

BT300 Series

Siemens BT300 is designed specifically for the demands of today's HVAC systems. Increased focus on energy efficiency of variable flow systems has increased the need for easy-to-use and highly reliable variable frequency drives to reduce the cost of installation and maintenance while maximizing energy savings.

  • Motor switch ride through - during maintenance the motor disconnect switch can be opened and closed without stopping or tripping the drive.
  • Think film capacitors - eliminate the need to condition or reform the capacitors before applying power.
  • View/monitor nine parameters at one time - users determine the parameters for their applications.
  • Smallest type 12 footprint on the market - lower shipping cost and easy installation.